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On 3rd May 1908, 15 men founded “La Lavorazione del Legno” Co-operative Society, driven by courage and a strong social conscience.

The main aim was to offer the possibility of a job to pupils from the School of Art and Crafts Alberghetti.

The dream of creating a company specialised in woodworking, capable of showing great skills and professionalism, soon became a firm reality.

This was the beginning of a long story that spans both World Wars with 3elle constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to develop and establish itself as a pacemaker in the field of large contracts for wooden window and door frames in public and private building work. And thanks to these unchanging objectives, 3elle has managed to not only survive every moment of crisis over all these years, but has also become one of the window and door frame sector’s top names in both Italy and abroad.

The long history of an Italian company that has been a paragon of creativity, social awareness and production skills


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