22 года
ДиП Центр

Стальные Двери СКИДКА ДО 30%

Выставочные образцы СКИДКА до 55%

KOMODOOR Индонезия


Отличные полы из Дубовой доски. Наше предложение 2700 руб/м2. »»

ОРМОЗИЯ - очень редкая древесина, плотная и твердая. Паркет Ормозия KOMODOOR - Euro Select AB (высший сорт). Твердость паркета Ормозия на 50% тверже Дуба. »»

Cкидки на паркет до 80%!

На склад, в январе, поступает массивная доска из Американского Ореха "KOMODOOR EURO". В сортировке Селект.

Американский орех в Интерьере - новый проект архитектора Кирилла Рябкина  »»

Уникальное предложение - Индонезийские Двери KOMODOOR
из 100% массива красного дерева.

СКИДКА до 50% »»

Двери »»
Паркет »»



Welcome to Home Decor Hardware! Your one stop source for the finest in decorative door and cabinet hardware, bathroom plumbing fixtures, accessories, and more.

Designers, builders, contractors and home owners can choose from a wide selection of functional and decorative hardware that range from timeless, traditional styles to contemporary designs. These are available in a array of colors, sizes, finishes, designs and materials, including solid brass, cast iron, wood, ceramic, chrome, antique brass, glazed ceramic, and porcelain to enhance any dйcor.

We cordially invite you to browse our on-line catalogue and discover how fun and easy it is to accentuate the look of your home by either replacing or adding decorative hardware to any room or door in the house. Whether you’re beginning your remodeling project, adding finishing touches, or just thinking of replacing those dull and boring hardware accessories, you can be sure Home Dйcor Hardware will have just the right item to suite your style and budget.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff takes great pride in assisting our clients with special requests and hard to find items. We are still in the process of posting our merchandise inventory, if you don’t see an item in our online catalog, please feel free to call or email us about your specific request. We welcome all inquiries. When sending us an email, be sure to include your name, address, product request, requisite specifications and quantity desired, and we will be happy to forward you the required information.


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